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Sky Ranch, 3L2
Unicom 123.0

Airport Reflectors


These reflectors, illuminated by your landing light(s), will outline your runway very effectively making for tension-free landings or evening departures from your field. It has been demonstrated that most general aviation aircraft will get very well defined runway edges thru the use of these reflectors. They have been in use on this airport (3L2) for over the past ten years - standing up to the freezing winters, searing heat and relentless summer sun of the southern Nevada desert. Their reflectivity is comparable to the initial effectiveness. The manufacturer of the reflective sheeting, Reflexite, warrants the reflectivity for a period of at least five years. We are experiencing longer.


These reflectors were developed by pilots after years of using and working with these devices. We feel there is nothing else produced that will fill the requirement as well as they do. To meet the requirements of L-853 (Runway and Taxiway Retroreflective Markers) they were subjected to rigorous tests including wind, abrasion, salt spray and temperatures beyond what would be experienced along a runway.


Every effort is being made to keep these affordable. We retail them at $57.50 for solid color and $62.50 for two-color, each. A quantity buy of 100 or more units would get you the wholesale price. Please send us a message for more info.

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